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Epic blogging fail, I TOTALLY MOVED

So as your humble narrator is now blogging-as-work, I went to renew my custom domain name. And lo, some dumbass domain-name clearinghouse has registered my site.


Fear not, oh my five readers. Vice Vixen has gotten a makeover. And now, please find me at :



Amazon *really* thinks I want this apron.

It must know me pretty well, because this is totally something I’d wear.  And after weeks of constantly infiltrating the sidebars of blogs I read with suggestions based on my browsing history, I’m sold on cherry aprons. I give in, okay? Send me two.

Spicy? How hot do you like it?

I’ve been scouting home decor- since, you know, I have a home now- and I just adore this naughty, spank-me-worthy spice decanter from Comunistar.  It kinda resembles a fembot, right?  Anyway, good design, but definitely also a conversation piece.

December 31, 2007, 4:44 am
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Okay, so I haven’t posted since last Thursday.  It’s been a busy couple of units of time.  I had to move out of my apartment, on pretty short notice at that. It takes forfuckingever to find a place in the naked city, and after a few eh experiences, I found a commune in Newark to move to.  So most of my time has been spent singing kum-ba-yah, smoking pot, and arguing over whose cruelty-free tofu burgers are in whose freezer.  I’m kidding, you can totally get in trouble for saying stuff like that on your blog nowadays.  And besides, would I eat a tofu burger?  And it’s actually sort of co-housing, not a commune.  In Newark of all places.

So living in a commune loft is actually pretty cool.  It’s mostly boys, so there are no estrogen fueled hysterics.  Plus, it’s a cool old converted factory, so I get to build all up in it. And I can rollerskate here.  Some things that make co-housing situations overall better, IMHO- or, my loot:

These are my shiny red pots.  Awesome, awesome pots.  Top marks.

A sexy robe

This tool makes you Macgyver in like three seconds.  The rub?  You need one of these motherfuckers to open it!

Lighting!  I did this all by myself.  The cords came from IKEA, but you can get them and the shades from Pearl River.

BE shouts out, and has a ship deal!

BE dropped us a line to let us know about the new Vixen vinyl dress– and predictably- LOVE it! Also digging the new Lucy B retro styles of lingerie. Since there’s free shipping on $75+ orders, you might want to start your holiday shopping early.

You think you can handle this badonkadonkdonk?

And for under your suit…

Sugar babydoll

In my never ending quest for comfy, cute slips, I stumbled across this adorable sale piece from- wait for it- the Gap.  Soft red cotton trimmed with wide lace strips.  It’s sexy and practical.  Kinda like me.

Diamonds are forever
September 12, 2007, 12:37 am
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…and you shouldn’t be all cliche and expect a boy to necessarily get you one.  It’s a two-way street, you know…