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Epic blogging fail, I TOTALLY MOVED

So as your humble narrator is now blogging-as-work, I went to renew my custom domain name. And lo, some dumbass domain-name clearinghouse has registered my site.


Fear not, oh my five readers. Vice Vixen has gotten a makeover. And now, please find me at :



Bikini Line Amazingness
February 25, 2009, 11:18 pm
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I am a licensed esthetician. I am, however, not a licensed gymnast. Ergo, I cannot wax my own bikini area. One of my snopes friends mentioned this under the radar product and I was, of course, skeptical. Nair gave me chemical burns rivaling napalm, and waxing by someone else took off more skin than unwanted hair.

You have to jimmy off the cap like a paint can, and the mixing process is kind of scary. Also, since all my spatulas are- well, spatulas- I used the backside of a plastic knife. Which was totally ghetto.

But after the required seven minutes of sitting with a weird, cold paste on my nether regions, Magic Shaving Powder worked brilliantly as advertised and didn’t irritate me at all. Anywhere. As always, Vice Vixen is not responsible for anything you put in or around your hoo-ha, so proceed with caution.

Jay-z Represents, Part 2
November 13, 2007, 1:21 pm
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Oh, my God, this is the best BK shout out ever- hello, Brooklyn…

Looks kinda punk, feels like a sneaker.
November 2, 2007, 3:12 am
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I’ve always been straightforward about my hedonism but love for shoes.  While I love sexy shoes, I cannot deal with foot discomfort.   I found these cute motorcycle boots a week ago and I have not found a more comfortable shoe in my recent memory.  It’s really hard to find a something that looks put together and pretty and doesn’t wound you on a daily basis.  Oh, I love my boots.

Vice Vixen does a victory dance!
October 31, 2007, 12:58 am
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It only took me like a week and a half to find a new job!  And it’s at a way more established company!  But I’ve been a little tired lately, so I’ve been quiet.

More on shopping hunter/gathering
October 7, 2007, 6:20 pm
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This fabulous blush stick eluded me for years. I read the reviews on Makeup Alleyget it now before they discontinue it! and then nothing. I scoured every WnW display I passed and saw no version of it. Then, like magic, it reappeared everywhere. I’d heard Coy was the perfect pink blush and was skeptical- blush was never an item I could find in drugstores. But they were right.

Coy is a creamy, highly pigmented, pure pink color that makes you look sweet, alive, and not overly made up. I use it on my lips to provide a neutral base for gloss. It’s been less than a week and this item is elevated to grail status on my vanity table. Don’t try to contour with it (or anything)- just apply a little to the apples of your cheeks and pat it out until it looks natural. Finish with a light dusting of powder if desired. I will never go back to prestige blush again, unless WnW discontinues it. Now, if they’d only resurrect Drac’s Drool dumb name, perfect berry wash for lips.

Getting out of Dodge…
October 4, 2007, 5:47 pm
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Sometimes the naked city can be a bit stifling. Overall, it’s the center of the world and we all know it, but sometimes that can be hard to remember when you’re sweaty and squished on the F train. Or when you need some time alone to talk with someone and everything in the world at your doorstep is just way too distracting.

A few weeks ago, I had a long visit with my super dreamy boyfriend and we needed a quiet place to chill. I saw the glowing reviews at Trip Advisor of the Roxbury and was sold. Because, is teh internets ever wrong? This well styled hideway has luxe details, reasonable rates, friendly owners, and all the quiet you could ever want. There’s an extensive continental breakfast and DVD collection, and the rooms are pimped enough so you’ll never need to leave unless you want to.

Extra props go to the Village Pub in nearby Margaretville. Being total lazy bastards, we napped through regular dinner hours every night. I would have starved to death without their surprisingly delicious burgers and my date tried the chicken cacciatore made from fresh local ingredients for a very reasonable price. Top marks all around. Some pics: