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Harry Potter Slashers vindicated, Dumbledore’s OMG teh gay!

Slashers in the HP fandom, I’ve heard, have always vocally hoped someone, anyone in the HP books would be confirmed as gay.  We they got their wish this week when JKR confirmed what no one seemed to suspect.  Dumbledore was totally gay for Grindelwald!  Ha, ha.  So cool.  And fandom imploded.  And imploded again.  It even made Wikipedia.

I think now it’s safe for JKR to tell us what we already know- Harry and Draco were secretly in love with each other all those years and it’s bittersweet when they see each other with their kids and beards wives.  Harry/Draco OTP!


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Hey, I can’t believe Dumbledore was a homo. Creeps me out.

Comment by Lightning Bug's Butt

hey, just wanted to let you know again that i love your site. i just mentioned you in my post about my new favorite blogs. 🙂 hope it makes people stop by and see how great you are!

Comment by macoosh

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