Vice Vixen

And the hits just keep on coming.

Oh, dear. Vice Vixen needs a job! This was unexpected and while it couldn’t come at a worse time, when is it a good time to look for a job? Still, we all know I get my by any means on whenever there’s a drought, and I’ve already dusted off my resume and made some good connections. So…

Young professional;

Excellent writing skills;

Whip smart;

Able to solve problems creatively;

thoughtful and articulate;

works well on a team;

great phone skills;

takes direction well;


sunny disposition;

hands on;

works well under pressure;

culturally diverse;

excellent customer service skills;

and professional appearance.

Available for interview immediately. Hiring?


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I am in the same boat and it’s a pain pain pain!!! I wish sometimes that I could just get a job parading around in cute underwear.

Unfortunately, I desire health benefits. 🙂

Comment by Macoosh

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