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Oh, God, where’s my coffee?
August 17, 2007, 4:31 pm
Filed under: accessories, cheap, drink, haute, in the house, indolence, intoxicants

I like coffee weirdly. Well, many people like iced coffee. I’ll drink it iced but I don’t care much as long as it’s not hot. I like espresso-strength coffee. I don’t like supermarkety stuff like Folger’s because it’s Vietnamese coffee and too acidic and watery and stupid tasting. I like enough of it that it takes a while to drink.

I would generally get a “ghetto latte” from Starbucks or a Dunkin’ Donuts latte if I was lazy. But it was a pain to get and I really wanted the power to have coffee without leaving my house. My excellent boss Jennifer gave me an amazing FrancisFrancis in super-cool orange but I am superstitious about setting it up til I move.

Anyway, I found this awesome stuff (N.O. Brew) whilst surfing Amazon. I ordered some after a week and a half of waffling and It. Is. Awesome. Perfect coffee. Cans of coffee have tons of thickeners and other weirdness in them- this is just perfect, perfect, perfect. Mixed with milk, it tastes fresh and real and perfect. And it lasts for like 3 weeks in the fridge.

But now I need the perfect thermos. >Sigh<

ETA: Ghetto Lattes on Wikipedia!


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