Vice Vixen

Recruiting, en masse

The demand to try out for the Gotham Girls Roller Derby is massive. And with good reason- they’re fierce, talented, amazing skaters, and skilled athletes overall. But several local skating organizations are recruiting, too, and just in case you rollergirls in the the NYC area and beyond haven’t heard, please check them out because they need skaters, too!

First (and I am a member), Sweet Action Skate Club is based in Brooklyn and is not a derby club. It’s just a bunch of cool, scrappy chicks who meet up wherever and whenever they can to skate. We are headed by the talented Our Lady Mess, and we are recruiting and partying at Rope this Thursday, so c’mon down and meet us, okay?

Second is the newer than GGRD but just as fierce Long Island Roller Rebels. This is my home turf, and these girls can skate. And they, too, are recruiting. (Strong Island, represent!)

Last, and newest is Suburbia Roller Derby– they are brand-spankin’ new and in need of good skaters. They have some alums from LIRR, GGRD, and Connecticut, and they’re looking for some fierce girls as well. They skate at this cool little throwback rink and they’ve got three practices going a week.

These newer leagues are a great opportunity to really learn from the ground up and become an awesome skater. I’ve seen these girls skate and it’s amazing- it’s a real grassroots girl thing, and it makes you very proud of all these women for resurrecting something and making it so much cooler.

Check them out, aspiring rollergirls- they need you!


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