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July 15, 2007, 1:59 am
Filed under: eat, indolence, love, lust, retro, sex, the good fight

Courtesy of my very wise (and how much more supportive can you get than forwarding your assistant links for her smut-blog?) boss is this very cool link to sexy, dark dark dark chocolate with all kinds of healthy additives.

From the site:

…the Kuna Indians, who live on the San Blas Islands of Panama. These people have always had extremely low blood pressure and that it did not climb as they got older. In fact, they always remained in remarkably great health.

When the lifestyles of these people were studied, one thing stuck out. The Kuna living on the islands drank a significant amount of locally grown, minimally processed, high-flavonol cocoa.

Okay, can I just say I frickin’ knew it! In your face, smug-dietician-from-fat-camp. Chocolate is the key to longevity, and I’m attracted to the “Strumpet” variety, because I’m a naughty girl, and the Empress one, for tarot card reasons.

Strumpet contains cardamom and chili (spicy!) and Empress…

Empress actually contains real 23 karat gold to make you sparkle abundantly. Containing Etherium gold, which balances the brain hemisphere, and purple corn flour, which is ridiculously high in antioxidants, Empress bestows good fortune on all who enjoy her!

Empress raw chocolate bar, raw, unsprayed, veganStrumpet raw chocolate bar, raw, unsprayed, vegan


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