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More on the White Stripes…
July 1, 2007, 2:05 am
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There’s lots of White Stripes news and press this week because of the awesomeriffic Icky Thump. I really dug this article, from the Onion’s A.V. club. I am convinced that Jack White understands creating things and the creative process more than any artist of our generation. And I promise that is the most pretentious thing I will ever say here.

In celebration, a quote from Jack and a picture that is, quite possibly, the awesomest picture that has ever been taken in history. Jack says:

Frank Sinatra was dignified. We don’t have a Frank Sinatra, or a Patti Page nowadays. What do we have? Ashlee Simpson instead of Patti Page! I mean, look at those people – like Paris Hilton! Who are all these skanks, man? Little girls are looking up to these girls, and it’s so gross. Those girls have no dignity at all, and parents are letting their kids dress up like those skanks. But what else have they got? What are the other choices? Somebody had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to play guitar on Lindsay Lohan’s album! She’s another one of those 16-year-old actresses, and she’s making an album! Like, ‘NO!’ Ha ha ha!

And the pic. Jack White. Kilt. >faintsdies<


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