Vice Vixen

Hide and go make me shiver…
June 16, 2007, 12:38 am
Filed under: accessories, boys, entertainment, love, sex, sin in general

There are so few outlets for fun and games when you’re all grown up. Which is kinda sad, because you have more privileges and mischievous ideas. Romantically, what’s more fun than giving your lover say-so over when you’re digging it and how much? Or having that kind of leverage? This naughty toy is just asking to be the centerpiece of a very grown up game of hide and go seek… or something more sinister? >evil laugh<


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now that’s just hot.

one of my last outstanding fantasies i want to fulfill with a lover…

Comment by The Provocateur

Certainly sounds like fun. I’m just wondering if it’s one of those ideas that’s better in theory than in practice. Your support for it kind of reminds me of the new ads for the Durex ring. 🙂

Comment by dukethor

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