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Secret Weapon: The perfect red lippie
June 13, 2007, 2:48 am
Filed under: cheap, i own it, love, makeup, sex, sin in general, wear

I’ve talked the internetses ear off about this lipstick, but I’m a professional, and I’ve been addicted to red lipstick since the age of twelve. This is it– I’ve tried MAC, Nars, Stila, Urban Decay, etc, and not one red lipstick besides this has ever gone on so velvety smooth and true and just hot. And it’s under $5. Since picking this up a year ago on a whim, I’ve been able to wear little else, even in pajamas. It’s available at most drugstores, too. Don’t be put off by the dark-skinned market placement, I’m NC20-15 and it really works even on me.

(Color not shown)


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